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By using mechanical parking systems, you can increase the density of your parking arrangements up to 100% or more. We can frequently fit double the number of cars in the same space. This means additional revenue from parking fees, and/or lower costs from reduced expenditures for land and building structure.

Our parking machines are grouped into the following categories:

Economy SpaceSaver

Economy SpaceSaver machines (Models 401 and 411) stack one car above another in a single standard parking space. These machines are low-cost and can often be installed in existing parking facilities as well as new garage space. They can also be installed individually or in groups. The 401 and 411 are suitable for outdoor installation. The upper space on the machines is "dependent" parking which means the lower car must be moved before the upper car can be retrieved.



Standard SpaceSaver

Standard SpaceSaver machines (Models 440 and 413) stack two to three cars vertically in the same area as a standard parking space. A pit must be provided to accommodate these machines. However, they provide the significant advantage of "independent" parking—any car can be retrieved from the machine without moving another car. This provides a tremendous benefit in convenience and time saved by the users of the equipment over the long life of the machines. This more than compensates for the slightly higher cost.



Parking Platforms

Parking Platforms increase parking up to 100% by sliding cars closer together, both side to side and bumper to bumper. An appropriate arrangement of parking platforms will allow parking 2, 3 or more levels deep with independent access to any car. This can maximize space normally lost in driving lanes and behind columns. Our Turntable allows convenient access in narrow and limited spaces.




Combilift machines (Models 551, 542, and 543) combine the advantages of vertical stacking and sideways movement to provide nearly double or eventriple the number of spaces in the same area as a row of standard parking spaces. The concept is simple. For example, a Model 551 Combilift machine can be configured to fit into a row of standard parking spaces, four to 12 spaces wide. There are individual lifting platforms for each of these spaces.

Model 542 machines lower and slide cars. Model 543 machines will raise, lower and slide cars, nearly tripling the available spaces. This is a very cost-effective, convenient solution for many applications where user safety and convenience are paramount.




Parksafe systems are the simplest high-density automatic parking system. Cars are driven into an entrance/exit room and on to a steel pallet. A single elevator lifts or lowers the pallets, sliding them sideways into parking slots arranged in two, three or four vertical columns, either above or below ground. Systems can be up to 20 cars tall. Up to 80 cars can be stacked over the space required for five standard parking spaces.



Level Parkers

Level Parkers are automatic systems designed to rotate rows of cars in a horizontal plane allowing more cars to be parked in relatively small areas. These machines are suitable for retrofit into existing basement or lower-level garage space where additional parking is necessary and no other solution will work.




Multiparkers represent the high-end of our product range. The Multi-parker storage and retrieval system combines lifting with lateral and turntable (optional) movement. These machines are the most advanced technical automatic parking systems available anywhere in the world today and provide a combination of high parking density and fast retrieval of parked cars. By designing new buildings for Multiparker installation, architects and developers can multiply the number of available, convenient parking spaces, and/or significantly reduce the land usage and/or building volume required for parking.





Display Tower

Compact Display Tower is a variant of the Parksafe system that is specially designed for downtown automobile dealerships. It provides high- density storage of vehicles, fast retrieval and an awesome, eye-catching street display.