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Parking Platform 501


Parking Platform 503


Parking Platform 505

Laterally moving platforms are suitable for garages where it is possible to install 2, 3 or more rows of platforms behind one another.

The parking platforms run on rails, with one space per row always empty to provide the maneuvering area to reach the parking space.

For a photo of Model 501
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Longitudinally moving parking platforms create additional parking spaces in the driving lane. The platform runs on rails which are positioned across the front of conventional parking bays and offers independent use of all spaces.

Occupied platforms are simply moved aside at the press of a button, and empty platforms are designed to be driven over by cars entering/exiting the conventional bays.

For a photo of Model 503
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  • for narrow and limited access
  • 360 degree rotation clockwise/counter clockwise
  • loads up to 5,000 lbs.

When restricted garage layouts make turning maneuvers difficult or impossible, the vehicle can simply be turned to the desired position.