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The Multiparker has a structure similar to a high-rack shelving system with parking spaces stacked above and beside one another either side of a conveyor aisle. There are three different models:

Cross Parker
(available in 3 designs)

Cars are arranged across from one another on the conveyor aisle.

700: max. 3 parking levels

710: 4-8 parking levels

720: 5-20 parking levels with emphasis on a reduced floor area

Shuttle Parker 730
Faster access times. Shuttles on each level, driving independently of the vertical conveyor, ensure quicker transport.

Additionally, the quick- change pallet system enhances access times, making the Multiparker suitable for public garages.

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Longitudinal Parker 740
Cars parked in the same direction as the conveyor aisle. Suitable for particularly long and narrow plan widths, and can be supplied with up to 8 parking levels.

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  • Multiparker provides an automatic parking system for 10 to over 100 cars, constructed as a high-rack system
  • suitable for use in public garages; safe for user and car
  • high flexibility permits adaptation to suit specific project requirements with 3 different models: the cross parker (3 designs), the shuttle parker and longitudinal parker
  • vertical conveyor with simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement and the option of turning the car at the same time
  • available in tower or shaft design (entry at bottom or top) or as tower/shaft arrangement (entry at an intermediate level)
  • multi-row arrangements (one row directly behind the other) are also possible. Entry and exit areas can be located as required
  • very fast access times by the use of a quick-change pallet system
  • reduces the need for driving lanes and ramps, and costly illumination and ventilation
  • systems can be designed to accommodate differing vehicle heights and weights
  • several operating options available (e.g. magnetic card/ remote control). Integrated cash accounting system option for the collection of parking fees