820 N. Wolcott Avenue
Chicago, IL 60622

Display Tower 600

The Display Tower 600 is a showroom warehouse developed specifically for car dealerships. It enables vehicles to be housed on a space-saving basis and attractively displayed so they can be seen from a distance. The height of the Display Tower is flexible and is available in different versions with varying numbers of parking spaces. The steel structure and the pallets create a transparent effect thanks to the open framework design and can be adapted to suit all popular vehicle sizes. The rooftop design can be varied to take advantage of signs. A multimedia display can also be integrated into the front of the building.

  • the Compact Display Tower provides an automatic parking system for stacking cars on top of each other within a very small floor plan area. For example, 59 cars can be parked within an area of just 1,000 sq. ft.
  • safe and secure parking of cars with safety advantages for dealers
  • adaptable to individual project requirements
  • integrated turntable option
  • accommodates different car heights and large, luxury cars weighing up to 5,000 lbs.