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Combilift 551
Combilift 542
Combilift 543

Our simplest semi-automatic system, the Combilift 551 provides two parking levels without a pit. The 551 can be configured in rows of two to 10 cars.

In a six car system, for example, there are six lifting platforms allowing six cars to be driven on the platforms at ground level and raised. Below the lifting platforms are five sliding platforms. Five additional cars can be driven on to these platforms, leaving one open space at ground level. To retrieve a ground level car, the user simply enters the car and drives out. To retrieve an upper level car, the user pushes a button corresponding to the upper level space where the required car is parked. The system will automatically move the lower level cars sideways to make a space below the car to be retrieved. The upper platform will then lower the car to ground level.

For a photo of model 551
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The Combilift 542 works in a similar fashion to the 551, but lowers cars into a pit instead of raising cars to an upper level. The Combilift 542 is particularly suited to new buildings where garage ceiling height needs to be low. This arrangement also allows tall vehicles to be parked on the upper level.

This Combilift comes standard with theft-proof automatic sliding gates that protect garage users from falling into the pit and separate them from the machinery during operation.




The Combilift 543 provides the highest density semi-automatic system by providing parking on three levels. Separate platforms can be raised and lowered to the upper and pit levels. A third set of platforms at ground level slide sideways.

As an example, a six space wide machine can park 17 cars. Cars always enter and exit at the ground level. Automatic gates are also standard with this machine.

For a photo of model 543
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